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Powerful software and transaction coordination services that saves you time, money and helps you close more deals.

What We Do


"The landscape of Real Estate is ever-changing;  StressFree TC has been an excellent find for my business. The automated process has cut down hours of work to just minutes! The Timeline drives tasks and keeps me on track for closing. It’s all automated; I can stay focus on what’s important, my clients, not minutia."

Melissa Chapman, Broker

"StressFree TC has allowed me to become paperless in my transactions. I wish more agents would move away from paper and hand filling out documents. The platform is so easy! If we all moved to the Stress Free TC's digital experience which is integrated with DocuSign, all parties would have seamless transactions."

Daniel Cardenas, Realtor

Compass Real Estate

"The StressFree TC platform provides agents automatic checklists and is simply easy to use. It’s all automated, I can focus on what’s important, not paperwork. This is a fabulous system and I am so grateful for your optional TC help too. A bargain at $100 extra."

Linda Michaels, Realtor

Premier Realty

Dynamic Timelines

Timelines are created in seconds upon uploading a purchase contract, and helps to drives tasks, reminders, and keeps agents in contract within deadlines, adapts as the contract extends or modifies. Nightly e-mail updates help keep you in contract.

Automated Error Checking

Upon adding a document to the platform, errors are found in seconds, guides you to fix every issue, minimizes lawsuits and is more accurate than a human eye. 

Automated Checklist

No more wondering what forms are needed. A checklist is created in seconds based on property title, broker compliance, county, and city ordinance.

StressFree TC offers a complete transaction coordination platform for agents, teams, and brokerages. All of our clients receive a dedicated transaction coordinator and gain access to our software technology.


Automated timelines and to-dos make sure that no detail or due-date is missed 

Closing Rates


Our software automatically checks contracts for accuracy

Our Technology

Our software ensures tasks are completed in minutes, not days

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