I have a listing- what do I do?

Email us your ratified listing agreement packet (RLA) and we will prep your remaining seller disclosures and reports.

I have an ratified offer on my listing and I am not the selling agent- what do I do?

Email us the ratified RPA and we take care of the rest! Email us at

I have an ratified offer but it’s not my listing- what do I do?

Email us the offer and we take care of the rest! Email us at

What does "take care of the rest" mean? In other words, what do we do for you?

We make sure:

All your documents are prepped for your side of the contract.

We make sure you are compliant with your broker checklist.

All your documents are complete, signed, initialed based on your broker compliance.

Create your Receipt for Documents and obtain all parties signatures.

We automated 36 professional emails that go out in seconds upon certain actions. This includes opening escrow/title, broker compliance, seller/buyer introductory and disclosure emails and more… All our emails are posted inside the platform.

How do I sign up?

See video link below or click here to complete the sign up page.

What does it cost?

We are less expensive than a traditional TC and you save more by subscribing. See our plans below and click to navigate to our plans page!

What about personal attention?

Because of our automation, our TC's who oversee your file have the time to either email, text or call you, just let us know your preferred communication!

What does StressFree TC not oversee?

We don’t create or complete request for repairs, modifications, addendums, contingency removals, or AVIDS or anything that has to do with money and contract decisions, but we are happy to send them through docusign with your email confirmation.

What are the hours of operation?

Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm PST Saturday 9 am to 4 pm PST

Helpdesk hours?

You can email in documents or any questions to our helpdesk 24/7. Just email