What We Do: 

We are a software company that automated about 85% of the manual paperwork processes that an agent does or hires a transaction coordinator (TC) to do for them. 

These are the functions we automated for an agent or their assistant/TC so they can focus on sales rather than paperwork: 

 Seller side automated processes: 

  • Upload a Ratified listing agreement into platform, reads data and creates the listing 

  • We automatically pull all seller disclosures from zipForm Plus into myTC portal based on property type and title held (upon ratified Listing agreement signed), the blank disclosures/reports into the checklist and prep for signing digitally 

  • County/city/broker specific disclosures are stored in our platform. 

  • Seller is sent one automated professional introductory email providing: o clear instructions on what to expect during the selling process 

    • required disclosures and reports attached in PDF to be completed and signed by seller and agent 

    • seller link to view their documents in myTC portal (transparency) 

    • link to a video on digital signing process (DocuSign) 

    • link to request the digital envelope to be sent for them to sign (DocuSign) 

    • automatically attaches forms that are required for county/city/broker specific forms in addition to C.A.R. forms for seller to complete 

    • automatically reminds seller and agent to get documents signed 

    • NHD Report (from JCP or First American or Snap NHD) are automatically ordered and documents are automatically sent to all parties if selected. 

  • Upon digital signing, upload of or emailed in of disclosures/reports from agent/seller myTC populates the checklist documents and using character recognition to flag any errors. Errors are displayed on checklist. Agents and TC’s can clear errors from the checklist or upload corrected documents. 

  • Automatically reminds agent and seller/buyer to correct any errors (nightly or weekly update, agent choses) 

  • Our TC help desk will clear errors for agents if applicable or remind them to get additional documents to clear an error within 24hours. 

  • Automatically open escrow/title upon receipt of ratified listing 

  • Automatically creates and sends a listing and sales information sheet with details of the listing to the broker compliance system and attaches listing agreement (keeping agent compliant with broker) also sends completed documents to the agents broker compliance system (Skyslope, command, dotloop, homebase) 

Buyer side automated processes: 

  • Automatically pulls buyer specific disclosures from zipForm Plus (based on property type, age, property title and broker) to platform checklist. 

  • Upon receipt of ratified offer (emailed in or uploaded to platform) transaction is set to pending 

  • Timeline is automatically created and sent to agent or TC for approval. upon approval, timeline is sent to buyer, seller agent, escrow, lender, and broker. 

  • Listing and sales information sheet is automatically created and sent to the broker compliance email/system and agent with the purchase contract attached. 

  • Each time a document is received platform reviews the document with character recognition to determine if any initials, dates, signatures or required fields are missing. 

    • First automated introductory email is sent to the buyer providing: o instructions about the escrow process and what to expect 

    • Provides a link of myTC portal to view buyer side documents 

    • Disclosures if already completed and error free by seller and placed in the buyer side check list (at day 7 or what ever is in 14A on page 6 of RPA we send what disclosures we have to the buyer at that point) 

    • Reports if already provided by the seller and in the buyer side checklist 

    • Automated daily reminders are sent to seller agent if documents are not received by due date. 

    • Second automated email is sent when seller signed disclosures and reports are received (based on contract): 

      • Disclosures/reports are attached as PDF’s 

    • A link is provided on how to digitally sign when ready 

    • A link is provided to let agent/tc know they are ready to digitally sign after they have reviewed the PDF’s with agent 

    • When ready to sign disclosures and reports, agent clicks button and an automatic DocuSign envelope is sent to buyer to sign documents 

    • Gentle reminders are automatically sent to remind to sign documents and to keep everyone in line with contractual obligations 

    • Automatically creates receipt for documents (every document on the checklist) upon all contingencies removed. 

    • Third automated email is sent when all contingencies are removed: o provides any additional documents that came after 2nd email including RFD and require signatures 

    • Automatically provides a link to let agent/TC know ready to sign 

    • Automatically creates the DocuSign envelope and sends to the buyer upon agent/tc hitting a button 

    • Automatically reminds to sign last envelope 

    • Fourth automated email sends signed disclosures to the seller side, if seller agent is a subscriber we send all the documents to the seller side checklist as well. 

  • Upload to broker compliance system all completed documents as they come in 2pm each day, contracts and DocuSign envelopes that are completed are sent to broker platform on upload 

  • Upon close of escrow, load all documents to broker compliance system 

For both Buyer and Seller side we provide: 

  • Help desk TC support for: o

    • items not automated in our system 

    • errors that occur 

    • manual upload to other broker systems like Skyslope and dot loop for additional charge 

    • assistance with set up of templates in their zipForm Plus account 

    • MLS and property detail sheets are automatically attached to the buyer/seller checklist 

    • Home warranty is ordered if required 

  • One nightly progress email to the agent providing access to their portal, status of their file and access to all email communications that went out on their behalf. 

  • Seller and Buyer can view their disclosures and reports via a link (transparency) 

  • APN, year property was built, and title are auto populated when agent creates a listing/offer in myTC so they don’t have to look them up. 

Personal TC service 

This is for the times when you have a complicated transaction, or your client doesn’t DocuSign or email and you want to have someone oversee every detail in your file. You will have the ability to text, call or email your TC. This is an additional charge at closing. 

What We Can’t Do: 

We do not write the following, but are happy to get them signed: 

  • Addendums 

  • Modification of Terms 

  • Extension of times 

  • Contingency removals 

  • Cancelations 

  • Verification of Property 

  • Request for repairs 

  • Anything that involves decisions or negotiations that are considered an agent activity by your broker 


We solve all the paperwork problems related to the selling/buying of residential real estate paperwork processes after a ratified listing or purchase contract is started. 

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Bob Walsmith Jr., Realtor

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"StressFreeTC is amazing! The whole process from start to finish is easy to navigate, and makes all of the normal steps associated with a transaction and/or working with a transaction coordinator very effortless. The biggest advantage is the time that I am saving by using StressFreeTC, which allows me to concentrate on talking to potential clients and close more deals. I would highly recommend StressFreeTC to any Realtor wanting more efficiency and more time to lead generate. And the money that I am saving with StressFreeTC is an added bonus!"